I have always been passionate about challenging myself, looking at ways to stretch my thinking and be an advocate that changing times require an adaptable person. This blog will be a vehicle to express how I go about this, a mother, professional, wife, friend and daughter.   I have made a promise to myself to stay as genuine as possible and to work harder as each day passes.
I would like to incoperate topics like our mind the modern computer, how upbringing effects our rationale and how beneficial it is to give to others and keeping fit and staying healthy. I would like to take the reader on a journey and widen your mindset to want to challenge yourself further.
I am hoping that a few of you will step forward with your own tips, interviews and your stance on how to keep motivated in this ever changing world.  What do you struggle with and how have you overcome your personal battle’s and succeeded when you thought  that there really was no hope.

I leave you with Nelson Mandela’s quote below. Successes can be empty but when you have picked yourself up from a fall nad continued forth even stronger; this holds more weight than any successes.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you will come back again soon.

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