It has been sometime since I have posted any entries on this site. I would like to say that I did not lose focus on my site; I have been trying to help and support others around me with the time available to myself.

Let’s begin with what has happened in almost a year since the last entry. I worked very hard at my health, not that I was a very unhealthy person but it all stemmed from my best friend purchasing a personal training session. She knew how much my weight and health meant to me. It took me over 7 months to use her gift and never did she or her know what a pivotal gift this would have been and life changing even.

My one session with the personal trainer changed my whole life!

The P/T session made me realise that the stresses of my life did not need to bound me or suffocate me. We live with task lists, priorities that are in and out of control. Goals that are forever changing and pursuits of happiness in and outside of life. The P/T made me think that possibly I could do this myself. I didn’t have the time to see her on a regular basis. Initially, I thought I would try the local local gym first. I had lose sight on my running and and this was a priority again. In addition, to this I found a gym instructor.

Mind and body. Comes hand and in hand.

How we deal with the stresses of life depends upon ones personality. The long story short. The stress release incurred from carrying out high impact sports has meant I am feeling relaxed in both my personal and private life. There is a harmony internally and there is a realisation that physically I am fitter than I thought.

A healthy body means you can tackle more. Your brain works faster. You are not out of breath from the smallest of task. You remember more and you are stressed less.

2018 is about moving forward, creating growth mindset, learning more and challenging myself further in and outside of work. I want to be informative where I can, supportive where possible and brighten the lives of others around me. Growth should not be taken in an individualistic manner but in a totality; allowing others to become more of a tree.

Becoming a tree means your roots are strong and your branches are growing.

Grow your mind, your heart and allows others to join you in this journey. Make it revolutionary and make it happen!

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