I like the idea of growing strong roots.   To grow strong roots mean you know that the foundation is strong.  The layers have been added over time and you have experienced life to know your likes, dislikes and your personal values have been set.   Our values will generally be passed down from our parents from their religion, culture and attitude on life; this will determine our personality.

To grow a strong foundation you are required to look at the primary fundamentals of an individual, which is their Attitudes, Values and Beliefs. People are complex but when you break down the traits of their behaviour we all have similarities this is derived from our attitude, context, personality and our habits.

To grow strong roots you need to block out the noise.  You need to step outside of your body and test the boundaries that you have set up.   Think about doing something different.  It is very important to strengthen your mind; as strong mind will mean that you can handle longer more complicated tasks.  There will be a willingness to want to grow and you will be much more motivated.  We are not weak it is actually how we handle different situations and how we programme our minds to react.  Extreme situations can only be practiced if you are placed in that situation on a frequent manner.  We can still look at methodologies to create a change or bring about a pattern that allows a high brain pattern frequency.

How can we train our brains to become more agile?

Be dedicated to your goal, do not lose sight of it and repeat the mantra of how you will tackle it.  To become a great athlete you need to practice until you bleed and then practice some more and then you practice all over again.  For some this is the possible route, for others it works in a different manner (I haven’t worked that out yet).  But what I do believe is that you have to lose something to become winner.

I leave it for now as it’s quite late and I would like to leave you with something before a start of the new week.  Best of luck with the week ahead, the biggest challenge is putting yourself out there.  For me the first 15 minutes of running is the hardest but the last fifteen minutes is the easiest and before I know it I’ve ran 5km.

Thank you very much for reading.  I would always love to hear from you!

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