In the last blog entry, I discussed the topic of ‘Growth Mindset’. How your mind can grow if you are willing to be open, flexible and willing to accept failure.    Repeat this.  Repeat this again and continue with this circle effect and before you know it, it’s second nature!


For the one’s who do not know me. I have decided to embark on a journey to learn more, to push boundaries and to enrich others along the way. To be open and to stay honest to myself and the others around me. In this learning process, I hope I will be able to offer insight, retell my successes and failure. I am sure together we can make it rewarding journey.


What was my pivotal moment? How did I decide to bring on Change in my life?

What Am I doing to ensure that I am staying in control of the situations?

To create a change you require a realisation. A dramatic incident in your life may have occurred to lead you in the direction. This moment can be called an epiphany – a moment of great realisation. For instance, I have been informed on numerous occasion’s that I am too helpful. I freely give too much of my time to others and not concentrate enough on myself. There is an acknowledgement that I need to take back some of my time for myself.


It is best to take your head out of the sand! Imperfections are more beauty than perfection itself.


In addition, to the above 2017 the growth I required from myself was insufficient. The challenges I wanted did not present itself as I was not looking hard enough. There were also other aspects of life that required attention. I had established by the end of 2017 that developments of the self and the mind I had wished for was insufficient. I was not pushed or challenged as I had wished.

This makes me think of the Stanford Marshmallow Test. This is an experiment carried out early in the 1960’s on children aged 4 to 6 when they were offered one treat if they did not wait and then two marshmallows if they waited for a period of time. This was also a strong indicator of how that child carried out their lives thereafter. The ones who could not wait were often the impatient and were bored much quicker. The children who could wait indicated they would receive higher study scores, lower body mass index and they could steer themselves away from gratifying themselves instantly in the moment and wait out for the larger prize at the end.


How does the Marshmallow Test correlate to myself? Can I wait to eat two marshmallows or am I destined to eat just the one immediately. Well, I love marshmallows; so I am not sure if I can wait?! I think perhaps a few years ago I may not have been able to wait. Something has changed in me that I can find that end result more rewarding; although I cannot stop being anymore impatient than before.  

Creating Change means being dedicated.  Visualise your goal and be in love with it!

How can I bring change into my life?

  • Change needs to be wanted and become an everyday part of your life
  • You need to trust and believe in yourself to take a step in a different direction
  • For some the steps will be small. From trying a different route home or trying a different destination. Or just taking more control of a situation than they normally would. Or just saying no over yes
  • Seek a positive role model in your life. I found that there have not been many role models that I could strive towards and I wanted to change that and become a mentor myself within the work place environment
  • Be connected with individuals who are a positive impact on you. A strong network is required and you do not people who are not on your side
  • Join groups where you can meet like minded people
  • Carry this out in a circle. Each time try to make it better and then carry it again and again until it becomes second nature

What am I doing to stay in control of my situations?

  • Think about your goals on a daily occurrence
  • Dream of it! Desire it and make it tangible
  • This blog is a vessel to indicate how I am trying to move forward. Commitment!
  • I will be creating some videos and putting myself in front of the screen. This is to put myself under the spot light; as I prefer to behind the scenes then in front of the camera
  • I am also going to look at gaps of where I can look at closing and I will be attending a conference about ‘A Self-Perception’ talk
  • I am particularly interested in Women in Technology as I am keen to learn about this market. I am interested in the FinTech Payment industry; as I do believe that this is way Banking will be moving forward even more and we will be moving away from traditional banking as we see it


I would like to conclude by stating that The Power to Change Your Life comes from yourself. This cannot be brought, there are not fast routes. You would need to build on yourself and take out any negative energies and people to be able to build on what you want. Sometimes, you need to be selfish to gain what you want. However, every predicament in life is completely different and each of us have different commitments that are required from ourselves.

I hope that together we can are all able to gain what we are seeking. I wish you the best of luck in your growth story.


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