It has only been one day since, I last uploaded my last blog entry – The Power to Bring Change into Your Lives. Once, I have written a blog entry I find it very hard to let go of the topic and it generally reverberates in my mind for quite some time. I spoke openly about Failure‘s and Successes in my last blog entry but only briefly. In this entry, I would like to highlight how failure can lead to success.

Example of famous people who have failed and then succeeded:

Henry Ford – His first two companies failed. He went bankrupt five times!

Steven Speilberg – Rejected from a prestigious film school three times. The same school now has a building named after him.

Stephen King – His first novel Carrie was rejected 30 times before it was published.

Michael Jordan – He did not make the basketball team as he is 5ft11 and and this is considered too short for basketball players. Also, he was informed that he lacked the skills to play the game.

What is failure?

  • For some failure comes from financial loss

  • There was neglect or omission of expected or required action taken on your part

To fail can effect people in different ways. From the above examples, you can see that success was not driven on the first instance. Success can not always be quantified. Is it measurable? It to an athlete; every second counts and this is what makes the difference.

Failure should help you realise, where your gaps are. There should be a learning process; there should a better process in place for the next instance. Failure will stay a failure; if there are no learning’s and no improvements for the next time round. This means that this sort of failure will continue and after several attempts of a refined process that you should consider an alternative venture, task, project or hobby.

Here is a personal example in regards to languages. I am master of a sentence or two in multiple languages but not a connoisseur in any particular language. My mother tongue is Bengali and this is passable. This is the same for Hindi and Urdu. I tried to learn Arabic at the best university and this was also quite unsuccessful. I can state that ‘table is next to the bed’. However, I have come to realise that I will never connoisseur any language, I just do not hold that talent.

What will YOU do to turn FAILURE into a success?

Did you know that many people imagine success in their mind. They visualise it and they desire it like it is their first only love in their lives. So, here is some role play for you…

Take a scenario in your head. Let’s say for myself it’s a run to the park and back. I imagine the circuit in my head before I have run it. I imagine it. I see where I slow down and then I can see where I will get tired. Then, I think about my timings and how my legs and arms will feel and how I will move them. Very quickly, I am so familiar with the circuit that the process is not daunting any more. And now in very little time I have increased my speed and my distance with very little trying.

What does Success Look Like?

Success comes from a sense of achieving a task. There is a moment or longer of euphoria, which is caused by the waves of the brain chemical dopamine. This initially produces euphoria turning into pleasure or excitement and intense feeling of happiness or a similar emotion. Euphoria of cause can be caused naturally or with the help of certain drugs. However, I am here to discuss the natural euphoric moments that does not require drugs and were a feeling of success may have derived from. Some ways natural euphoria can be experienced is by aerobic exercise, laughter, listening to music, rewards and social situations. There is also neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders such as mania, bi-polar and then also romantic love, sexual responses can all cause the induction of euphoria.

I am not going to go into the psychological aspects of euphoria on this occasion; as this really quite an extensive topic that require multiple topics for it to be covered fully. I have quite an interest in the methodology of the operations of the brain and how emotively we work as individuals. So, I might touch upon this subject on another occasion. For now, we keep to the topic of Failure and Successes.

From the above, we understand that to succeed your brain has sent positive signals to your brain and you are feeling in a state of positivity. Now, we also know that this is not an everlasting feeling and that the feeling dissipates very quickly, you are seeking that sense of achievement again. This can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for some individuals as if you have only experienced success in your life; you have no idea what failure looks like. So, how can you accept failure?

How to succeed by failing:

  • The want and the need to learn and to want to make improvements

  • To be able to value other human beings

  • Over-striver’s will avoid failure as they cannot fathom what to do if suffered from failure

  • When you avoid failure you are making excuses and procrastinating and you are not actually participating

What you do not want to do:

  • If you choose not to participate and decide you are unwilling or immobile then you will come to a point where internalised failure will self-fulfil itself.

What I am trying to conclude from this entry and other entries is that success is driven from the core. To succeed you need to understand failure to not have anything or to feel at your lowest and then pick yourself up and then try again. And then try again and then carry it out again. Along the way getting your hands dirty and making a lot enemies but also making a lot of friends.

Those who are with you when you succeed will disappear when you fail.

But those who stand by your side when you fail and you are emotionally spent; those are the ones that will be by your side in the good, bad, ugly and fun times.

I hope you took something from this and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.


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