First and foremost, I would like to thank you for coming back and reading my entries about personal development. The site is about how we can grow the mind and create stronger identities for ourselves using growth mindset. I hope that I can assist you on this ever evolving journey and together we can keep moving forward and evolving as individuals. I am certain that together we can make an impact in our lives internally and externally.

Please note, these entries will be reflected more as chapters or singular entries that link to the previous entry to ensure a continuous theme.

The previous entry discusses my personality and breaking norms. I would like to delve further the ideology behind the personality, concepts of the self and how the self is reflected in society today and around us. I believe that you have been given an idea of how my personality has formed and what has contributed to the personality I am today. There is motivations, values and beliefs from my parents and society around me. The era I was born in and the influences that affect my upbringing has a large part to the personality I hold today. Living in time where I am juxtaposed with the social norms around me and then socio-cultural norms that are created by the home environment that I had resided in whilst I was growing up. When norms and boundaries are broken then your world and identity is set upon axis that is irregular to the rest of the world. To keep up the pace with this journey you are challenged further, pulled and prodded that much further and there has been vessels of negativity felt along the way due to this as social norms have been broken.

This leads me nicely to discuss what is the concept of the self, how is the self reflected and personality traits of us as individuals.

The concept of the self?

The self can be defined like a concentric circle with many layers that then make one individual person. Each of the circle represent a particular element of your values, beliefs, attitudes and then also the social, economic and cultural aspects that you have begun your life with too. In addition, to this I have not spoken about broken or traumatic families, where the family life have had but a from happy upbringing. Such as, families with a parent suffering from alcohol problems, or physical abuse, or single parent families are just some of the contributing factors that create a fragmented mind and self. Norms that one is use to is broken and expectations from ourselves do not equal up to social norms that have been set in place.

Diagram of the concept of Self:

Circle image


Yellow – The core of yourself – The base of the identity

Green – Values

Orange – Attitudes

Red – Emotional aspects of the self

Blue – Psychological aspects of the self

From the above diagram you can see that the self requires various elements to create a whole self. The self requires all of different elements to form one individual. They will most likely merge together and extreme situations may bring out certain elements. The sense of self and the awareness created is from life experiences and the awareness that you create yourself. For instance, I spoke with a young graduate today and he showed a calm manner in his tone of voice and English used. However, his body language spoke something differently, as he he had twitchy legs and he non-verbally communicating feeling of unease with the situation that he was in speaking to myself. His nervousness stemmed from him being a young postgraduate who is new to our department. He also showed his dis-interest in running quite clearly although he affirmed otherwise. Here is a prime example of nerves and trying very hard to not show them and non-verbal language gave away to what he was feeling on the inside. Or, the poor young man was just nervous speaking with me; I hope not at all.

Personality and characteristics that define our individual features:

Our personalities are defined so early on that the individual characteristic’s to ourselves can become invisible to us; if we do not analyse and identify ourselves with the personality held. There are strong representations of the self that are projected onto others and over a period of time we hopefully quickly come to recognise the pro’s and con’s of tat the personality we hold. Further information about your personality can found by taking the Enneagram test. I have found that personality quiz to be accurate to my personality characteristics and the attributes that I hold.

To take the quiz, please follow the link Enneagram system;

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Everyone is considered to be one single type, although it can be that one person has more than one trait. It is undetermined whether the traits are genetically provided at birth.

The nine types (or “enneatypes”, “ennea” means “nine”) are universally identified by the numbers 1 to 9. These numbers have a standard way of being placed around the Enneagram symbol. Enneagram authors have attached their own individual names to these numbers. On this site the type names by authors Riso and Hudson are used. They are:

  1. The Reformer
  2. The Helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Individualist
  5. The Investigator
  6. The Loyalist
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenger
  9. The Peacemaker

Some of the personality characteristic traits can be very similar to other personalities but there is a quite difference between a healthy personality and an unhealthy personality. The characters can be the same but the factors affecting that personality can be more than just neurotic and of course very troubling. To ensure that your personality is best matched with yourself each personality has a wing that is adjacent to their personality trait that is of their own. For instance, I am a no 3 – The Achiever and my wing is of the The Helper.

The spirit is the true self, not that physical figure which can be pointed out by your finger.” Cicero

In conclusion:

Personalities may already be created by the childhood factors that you were born with. The social norms and then the values and attidude’s that came with your upbringing. The self can become easily fragmented by trauma and negative socio-economical aspects and many other negative contributing factors. The self is a myriad of attributes that work in different situations in different ways and actions can be enhanced in extreme instances or emotion dis-balance.

The self is evolving and growing this is led by the experiences we have had and also the people we socialise or mix with. How we want to determine and extract the ‘true self’ is purely dependent on how you wish to take the journey in life and how you wish to either improve or pull a part the self you hold to better strengthen what you hold. By taking personality quizes and learning about your personality further should assist you in your growth mindset to better accomplish the goals you have set yourself.


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