There are many of us with a positive mindset, we are the ones who are able to see around a problem and still be smiling when we have faced challenges along the way. Our mind is a powerful tool that we often do not fully utilise. A strong mind allows action rather than inaction. Allows us to be adaptable in different situations. Allows us to challenge situations and tasks.

A positive mental attitude can be made into a habit.

The habits you create, good or bad, voluntary or involuntary; this is established by one’s mental attitude. Attitudes and habits that an individual carry out will be the deciding factor in the way one would like to move forward. It is interesting how certain types of people gravitate towards a group of people. Most often, we attract people of similar mindset, goals, ambitions and also social standing. To breed the qualities and attributes you hold as a person those will be reflected in the peer group you are surrounded in. Unfortunately, we are coming to a time where I see that I am surrounded by quite a few negative forces. There are many that are contradictory to that; as they are the ones succeeding and pushing the boundaries that bit further.

Is it exciting and challenging to force an invisible boundary around yourself?

The success you make is driven from your positivity. It is not just a mindset but a way of life. I felt that I have been losing this for many reasons. I am constantly trying to manage multiple projects/tasks, trying to be a force in all aspects of my life; professionally and personally. To re-iterate to people out there, the tasks we carry out do not have to host a monetary value. Success is derived from enabling yourself to be positive and allows growth mindset to enter your life. This does not mean that every task will hold a pound or Dollar symbol at the end of it.

I am going to run the race. I am going to win the race. I am going to make it happen!

We need to take control of our minds. We need to take control of our future and feel the power within our fingertips. There will be jealousy from others in the ones who succeed. There will be reprisal that may come your way but if we act in good faith, keep within the lines and be honest to ourselves and the ones around us. Then our growth mindset may even impact others around us. To be greedy only makes you a weak person. To want to grow and give some of that to others actually helps you with your end goal; as you never know who you will end up touching and who could help later along in your journey of life.

Do you want to go through life miserable and frustrated?

To hold faith in yourself is the strongest tool that you can carry. If you want to see it as your personal weapon or your super power; than think of it like that. Embody positive strong words like belief, confidence, empowerment, focus, determination, decisiveness and many more! And build into your life. When you surround yourself with this sort of attitude you will find that you are naturally in a good mood, life will be feel different and more people will gravitate towards you. Make yourself stand out for all of the right reasons. Think that the camera is on you at all times and your moves are being watched and the moment you stop spinning that plate is the day when the whole world is watching!

Mental attitude controls, very largely, the space one occupies in life, the success one achieves, the friends one makes and the contributions ones makes to posterity. It would be no great overstatement of the truth if we said mental attitude is EVERYTHING.(You Can Work Your Own Miracles, Napoleon Hill, 1971, pg 19)

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are also many health benefits that will give you a better life via positive thinking:

  • A longer life span

  • Less stress

  • Lower rates of depression

  • Increased resistance to the common cold

  • Better stress management and coping skills

  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease-related death

  • Increased physical well-being

  • Better psychological health

So, what are you waiting for?! What are the next steps?

  1. Start believing in yourself – only with personal confidence will you be able to strive forward

  2. Take away the fear of illness and physical pain

  3. Remove the shackles that you have imprisoned yourself in

  4. Break away from neglect. Care a little, care a lot! Show you care and you are truly passionate

  5. Recognise failures. Break away from failure and admit to it. And feel gratitude that you are able to grow from it and learn from the mistakes you have made. This has enriched your journey and the path you are undertaking

  6. Be true to yourself. Being over confident and greedy will not assist in your path. The desire of the other’s success will not land in your lap nor will those same riches. Monetary value is fleeting.

  7. Educate yourself. Truly immerse yourself in learning. Be knowledgeable and shine from it.

  8. Neglect of the action you take will hinder you from moving onto the next action. One action will lead to another and sometimes it is the smallest of actions that can lead to failure that you do not foresee

  9. Devote time to the cause. To the action. To the task. To being nurturing. To presenting in the best manner. To baking the best bread. To being the best you can!

  10. Impatience will bring you failure.

  11. Be in gratitude of the riches made. By giving some of your time, wealth or anything else. Be humble. Riches do not bring happiness and for some it may only be fleeting.

  12. To believe you must be willing to give rather than always receive.

  13. Neglect in others will cause neglect in yourself.

There are seven fears to overcome:

  1. The Fear of Poverty

  2. The Fear of Criticism

  3. The Fear of Ill Health and Physical pain

  4. The Fear of Loss of Love

  5. The Fear of Loss of Liberty

  6. The Fear of Old Age

  7. The Fear of Death

We all need to overcome the fears above to be able to move forward.

The brain holds Limitless Power. We hold infinite intelligence at our fingertips. To be able to conquer. To exceed, to be able demonstrate warmth and love. Play the words in your mind like a mantra. Shout it out to yourself. Immerse yourself and carry out actions that will assist you in the journey. Surround yourself with like-minded people and allow yourself to grow!

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