I want you to be able to take control of your life. I want you to push forward and motivate yourself in the commitments you have made!

To take control of your life you require to take action from yourself. To move forward you require to be fully committed and ready to acknowledge this. To master a technique or to develop a habit takes time and patience and a flexible mindset. Firstly, you must abandon your fears and truly believe in the cause that you are carrying forth with and then move forward with this. This is a significant moment of realisation for you as you have realised that you NEED to take action and move away from your previous habits. I would like you to revel in this moment of change and give it the significance it deserves; as from here on there is no turning back and it is only who can move forward. Some would call this a moment of realisation, an epiphany or even an ‘ar ha’ moment.

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Steve Maraboli,Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

To move forward please consider the following factors:

  • Rejoice in the moment as this is the moment you have decided to embark on a great change that will significantly change your life.

  • Change is an action of any sort. Each action you take will differ in size and time to achieve that desired goal.

  • We all have needs, wants and desires and the action we take will affect not just ourselves but others around us. There will be possibly be negative and positive comeback from how you decide to proceed. It is how you proceed with judgement, value and beliefs that will affect others around you.

  • Use your mind to visualise the success you want. Make it tangible. Grow the image in your mind and your heart. Memorise it and allow it to grow.

    • Example: How to overcome the fear of speaking aloud. Find out the root concern of why you are so concerned about speaking in public. Confront those fears, practice reading out a loud, record yourself, seek professional assistance and keep practicing until you have perfected the technique and no can even view tell that you have problems delivering in public scenarios. The steps you undertake may take much longer than you anticipate but set yourself realistic goals.

  • Certainty is required in the actions you take. Be passionate and let this reverberate to others. You must embody your dream/task/goal and promote this wholeheartedly.  

  • Learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Affirm them, ascertain the next steps and re-evaluate how to move forward and be prepared to leave some to fate.

  • Be flexible with others, as the path they are undertaking may not be the same as yours.

  • Be loving and rejoiceful that you have made the realisation and be aware that without great strength in love and dedication you will not be able to reach your end goal. To love is to feel. To feel is to care. To care is to want. To want means you want to make it happen.

  • Fulfilment will come in multiple stages. In ascertaining the goal various methods maybe required. Different choices and also challenges will be faced. There might be shedding of friends, colleagues and even loved ones. Take delight that if your belief is strong and you cause is right then your actions will be justified.

  • Justification of the actions require concrete evidence and foregrounding. Our actions big or small will affect others around us. Remember your actions can come back to you later on. Lies and deceit or dishonesty will always be found out. Poor excuses on both sides dilute the message that is communicated.

  • Communication in the message you are portraying is crucial. To be able to fully communicate the same message in multiple languages and multiple manners will speak volumes. Be clear in communication and actions that you hold.

  • To grow we must educate and train the mind. To be become stale and outdated in mindset will not benefit anyone. Utilize your mind, imagination, literature, education and seek methods to grow your mind. Knowledge is the only KEY.

  • Develop a tool box of skills that are required to carry out the actions or tasks you wish to undertake.

  • Take the time to search for answers and seek resolutions. Sometimes within the search further questions will arise and further self exploration will be required

  • Be honest and challenge where challenge is required. Push back if you feel further action can be taken. Provide the evidence and backing and be confident in what you believe.

  • Be INSPIRING to others.  Allow others to seek inspiration from yourself. Offer solutions, tips and motivations to allow others to grow alongside you.  Do not be greedy in your need to move forward. The world can be small and you never know when you can bump into someone again.  Pay it forward!

  • The emotions felt will sometimes be positive and also be negative. You should allow yourself to immerse yourself  emotions and actually feel but you never over dwell; as this counterproductive.  As human beings, we are built with a multitude of emotions and this should be felt and you should not try to push against it.  Women we feel many more emotions due to the menstrual system and the hormones in their body.  This should not be pushed away as it’s a natural part of our lives.  We should acknowledge the emotions we feel such as hurt, pain, anger, happiness, excitement, joy, loss and many others.  If you are able to be in sync and harmony with the emotions you feel you will be growing and moving towards the desire goal you wish to attain.

I want you to push through the boundaries you have set yourself. No matter where you are in on this journey, your change will make a difference that will impact your life in the most positive way.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding the site is only to promote self-development and methodology that you can undertake to move forward. I do not promote violence, negative language or dishonesty.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.Confucius

I would like to conclude this entry by highlighting that change in the positive direction will only propel you into becoming a better person. There should be a spiritual journey where you may feel different emotions and expectation this may not always be easy. However, No great sports athlete won a race on the first attempt. Multiple tries are required. You may fall a few times, a dozen and even more but it’s how you pick yourself up and dust yourself up and keep going. This is what is important and what will be remembered is the end-result.

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