To be lost in the game of life you can end up losing yourself.

Are you feeling what your heart desires?

The fear we feel can hinder our actions

The challenges we undertake are they really the worst you have experienced?

Have you been to the blackest point in your life?

Do you want to grow and strengthen your heart and your soul?

To grow we need to look deep inside of ourselves and enrich ourselves and others around us.

[Mary Panwaskar]


In the previous entry, I discussed the ‘Authentic Self’ the actions we can take to be authentic to ourselves and others around us. I am going to deviate slightly on the topic that I choose this time. This particular entry will delve into great depth about how to realise whether you are on the right path through ‘The Game of Life’. We are lost in the game of moving through the steps of life that we are forgetting about the real value of life.


I will begin by informing you about a true story I read about recently. Yesterday, in my local area (Raynes Park) around 5-10 minutes away from where I live, a father decided to strangle his six year old daughter in her sleep. She woke up and asked what he was doing, he continued and said ‘sorry’ to her. Mr Robert Peters aged 56 had been planning to murder his daughter for several weeks and decided to kill her with a dressing gown cord.  He only called the police as he knew what happens to people who hurt children in prison.

It is obvious that Mr Peters was experiencing depression and other psychological issues that led him to murdering his 6 year old daughter. This one horrific action has broken a family, taken a life of an innocent and sabotaged the emotional state of a mother who may never fully recover from what has happened to her and her daughter.

Did you know that the mental issues were shown but they were not picked up. On several occasions he tried to commit suicide and showed other displays of the broken self. There was no one willing to help him although he showed extreme behavioural patterns.

Mental illness can often be ignored and swept under the carpet. What did this person did was beyond horrific and taking away a life is not justified. However, extreme examples are required to demonstrate the value of life.

I believe that if action is really going to be taken from yourself then we need to come outside of our bubble. The thoughts and actions in our mind and letting realizing that there is problem. To realise you need to feel.

Can you feel that there is disharmony in your life?

We are facing so many fears on a daily basis, for some it is public speaking, for others it is how we look, for others it may be not being loved, or being abused emotionally or physically abused. Are you at a crossroads and you are unsure of the next move to take in your life?

It is my desire to connect with you. To feel your pain and to be able to help you remedy that situation that you feel like you cannot remedy. Progression is about feeling alive and being able to acknowledge you need to make a change.

Where do our desires coming from? We are humans and we are meant to feel. We are meant to feel fears but we are not meant to acknowledge this. My desire is to feel valued, make others happy and to be able to experience life through the goals I set myself.

Are you feeling alive?

When the mother lost her six year old daughter to the husband she may have loved. The ambitions, the life experiences and the love that the child could have felt is no longer available.

Is this the case for you?

We are facing fears on a daily occurrence. The fear of not being able to present appropriately, carry out a call, get to work on time, be there for your child, be a good partner / husband / wife / sister / mother.

Do you have the desire to connect to others?

Our value in life is from the footprint we make. Growth is equalled from the progress we make as a human being through the experiences and expectations we face along the way.

To breakthrough, there needs to be a realisation that we want inner peace. We have awareness of the inner struggle and we are willing to conquer this and then allow our soul travel and move forward. Learn to say sorry, learn to love, learn to feel love in the surroundings and feel grateful for what you have. The person behind may have less than what you have and person in front of you may have more.

But are they happy? Are you happy? Can you feel from your heart and your senses and your soul?

Authenticity should be the stamp you want to imprint and want others to see. Communication is often lost in the culture we are in as we often use quick text messages, or Facebook, or Instagram or Snapchat or many other modern communication tools we use nowadays.

There be should a desire to connect with what is around you. To be able feel and understand that it is not just you in the circle. To understand that someone behind you in the queue may have less and some in front of you in the queue may have more. There should be awakening in the self-development of movement forward with positive mind set keeping in mind that your heart and soul requires to be fully utilised.

Human emotions are there for a reason and if we are to block them and not seek the colours that they project then we are carrying out an injustice to ourselves and others who can learn from us.

Can you see the triggers?

Can you recognise what they are and are you willing to carry forward with what is required?

Action in mind will not be action in the physical dimension.

I think we forget for all of the challenges, tasks or objectives we set ourselves that on the grand scheme of things if you think about the true nature of human beings. We should be thankful for our health, the love we receive, the shelter over our heads, and the people in our lives. Progression and positive attitude is how we do good to others and this will come back to us at some point in our lives.

To experience life, to grow stronger. We need to look deeply internally at ourselves. Move away from what is perceived as correct and grow stronger through the actions we take. Our fears can be overcome but it is up to the individual to want to make that happen. Be authentic and show love and use our heart a bit more and I am sure we will be moving in the right direction.


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