The moments are passing,

Are you developing? Are you motivated?

Do you show love and care to others?

To feel beauty you need to allow beauty within,

Life’s colours are revolving around you.

The beauty is around you,

The power is in your fingertips,

The strength lies within your soul,

To move forward you require a unified self,

Perception is created for the world around us.

Strengths and weaknesses can be listed,

To list is machine like,

Are your lists meaningful?

Authenticity is required,

What words are you using?

Can you feel it? Do you believe in it?

To move forward with your goals,

Move your axis, change your viewpoint,

Achievements are waiting for you,

Recognise your failures and wins,

Movement can only come from a clear mindset.

Have you sought assistance?

Do you know your pain?

Can you move away from this?

Are you willing to educate yourself?

Clarity will only come from taking alternate viewpoints,

Grasp it. Feel it. Move with it. Change it!

The beauty is around you,

Love it. Inhale it. Encompass it. Change it!

Dance to your soul’s music,

If you listen hard enough you will find that inner peace can be found,

Listen hard enough, your path will be found.

[Mary Panwaskar]


The power within us is unrecognised. To be able recognise this perhaps great soul searching and delving into our mind is required. When I speak about ‘growth mindset’ or ‘creating strong roots’ there requires to be a desire from within to want to bring forward your life. Growth can happen only when you desire it. I am here to assist you on this journey.

The path we follow is individual to our motives, wants and desires. We all have responsibilities in this fast growing, changing life. It is best to remember that not everyone will follow the same route and each individual will have their own goals. It’s how we make those moments and allow others to join in your journey of life.

My goal is to assist on the journey and simplify your steps. To be able seek answers from the questions you hold. Inspiration comes from the people around you. To be inspirational requires great strength, love and passion. I hope my musings and findings assist on this journey. Take a moment to smile at yourself, at others and give a little to get a lot back!

I leave you with the following words:

Take the weak words and change them!

Make yourself stronger. Feel the moments.

We only have one life. Make your achievements count.

Unshackle yourself. Imprisonment of the soul is the worst kind.

[Mary Panwaskar]

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