To strive forward and seek ours heart’s desires we must look at how our world is functioning. To create peace and tranquillity you have to look at how we take ourselves out of the stressful, chaotic world that is full of distractions. It is very easy to say this but really need to set expectations on how we are going to tackle the tasks around us.

I will be the first to admit that I hold a lot of everything! I have become much more ruthless in what is purchased for my family but as time is lacking clutter can build very quickly around you. To manage clutter you need thinking, perhaps even a little planning. An organised life in the home and professional life can only exist when the matter is addressed. Often, we will not think about what is causing the havoc in our minds and only what tasks we are not carrying out.

Clutter Image

To move forward with wanting to explore a healthy lifestyle and a way of life. There needs to be certain commitments made to yourself and even others around you. Positive mindset can be easily taken for granted when it is your way of life. But when it is not everything for you this can then become an obstacle! A healthy lifestyle is prerequisite as this will make a huge difference in how you feel and even more so how you look! We are truly nothing without our health and well-being.

Please view some steps below in creating a healthy lifestyle:

  1. We often say ‘yes’ to requests and at times we should really be saying ‘no’. Be confident in declining a social event, or a task or something else

  2. Free up time to create things you like to do

  3. Schedule in a hour a day to carry out offline work

  4. Simplify your work list and create actions on paper that are measurable

  5. Carry out one task at a time. Do not multi-task

  6. Set limits and expectations to what you want to achieve

  7. Sort out your finances and think about what you want to achieve

  8. Carry out exercise on a daily basis. Start with a 30 minute walk


I hope the above truly helps you move forward and gaining perspective to tackle what you desire!

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