“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.”  Steven Speilberg


It’s hot and balmy here in London.   The mind is restless and the soul is seeking answers of how can I be happy and successful at the same time.  What does success look like?  What does happiness mean to me?   How do you successfully ensure that the plates are turning and the happiness and the success you wish to attain is staying in perspective?  Am I fighting against the clock?  The desire to succeed and create an impression is really a life-long ambition.  But we only have one life, one family and one health.  How do you amalgamate all of that together and follow your heart’s desire?



“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”    Herman Cain


Hermain Cain states the obvious so well.  The key to success is from the happiness you feel when you are carrying out a task, an action, a project concluding, or icing a cake.  To feel happiness can be difficult for some people who have had led a very prescriptive childhood and upbringing.  Sometimes we need to be inventive in our view point and flexible in our methodology.  We are taught in a traditional manner of what we can and cannot do.


How about colouring over the lines and using a multitude of colours.   We need to blur the lines, frantically colour and show the world that happiness comes firstly from ourselves.  By the love we show our self and then love should hopefully be shown to the world around us.


Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. Denis Waitley


Succeeding is not about material consumerism.   There is no spiritual enjoyment from your soul and your heart will be discontent.  Succeeding for a person in business may be to close the deal and bring in the millions.  For another succeeding is about learning a new skill, language or travelling the world.  Society leads us to believe that happiness and attaining your goals cannot go hand in hand.  This is not true, however, when you are on the path to achieve your wants and desires you may lose a few people along the way.   Winning for athletes is another game altogether; this sort of dedication cannot be matched but can be attained if you do put in the hard work and dedication.  If an athlete can win competitive games with the right mindset; then so can you and I.


What should we do to gain happiness and strive forward with goals we set?


It can be difficult to be dedicated sometimes when the goals can seem distant and in the future.  To ensure we are fulfilling those goals it is important to also have some fun at the same time.  When I mentioned above about colouring over the lines, this is very important in creating experiences and memories.  It is important that we dream and desire for what we wish to achieve.  It is also important to show a passion for life.  We all have difficult likes / hobbies for some it is baking, creating art, writing, dancing, travelling, singing or running.  Our heart require such tasks to feel like it is flying and fulfilling another part of it’s life purpose.   The memories created give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Memories want to be made and they are waiting for you to make them!


It is so important to create memories that are worth talking about!  Make someone smile!  Even better make them laugh.  Laughter decreases our stress levels, increases our immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving resistance to disease.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which is the bodies feel-good chemical. Furthermore, it is integral to create intrinsic relationships that create harmony, as this will also trigger endorphin release.


Memories are created from the use of our five senses, which are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  This is the same in creating the desire to succeed.

You want to hear it, so say it a loud!  Say it so loud that you can hear that you want to achieve your goals.   Say it so loud and clear, and full of purpose.You want to smell it – that you can succeed, you can do it – you can run faster.

You want to taste it – you’ve created the desire and it is palatable!  Taste how it feels to be a winner!  To have completed the dream / goal and how you are revelling in the moment.

The touch comes from all of the above and how you’ve become what you desire.   You have become it, taken the purpose and moulded it and allowed yourself to become one with your goal!  You have allowed yourself to become your Dream that you can Only Feel, Smell, Touch what you want.   Positive mindset will allow you to Succeed.


When we are courageous enough to convert our dreams into present-day goals… We’re prepared to live a life of no regrets.” Leider


This is the same in regards to dreaming.  There is insufficient amount of dreaming happening.  Without dreaming you will not be able to fulfil what you wish for.  We need to sleep, eat, drink, desire and visualise.  It takes courage to be able to live and breathe succeeding.  To succeed you need to want to make it a part of your life.


Are we happy whilst we are trying to achieve our heart’s desire? 

Are you dreaming of what you want? 

Create a painting in your mind, in your heart and draw that vision for others to see.


If you are to take anything from this remember life is to live.  Create your own memories and don’t be scared to dream.  If you cannot feel inspiration, seek inspiration in others and connect with the right people.  Our idea of happiness can change and evolve over time; as the self begins to mature and evolve.  Our experiences along the way and the people and places we visit will allow us insight and hopefully evolve the path we have decided to take.  We only have one time on this Earth and if we do not create experiences then what will we left with?!   Grasp what you want with your hands and dream BIG!  Dream for now, dream for future and dream for the others around You.




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