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Mary Panwaskar

We all experience different extremes of anxiety and negative emotions.  There are always some that are better at handling emotions than others.  Anxiety can possibly be felt when you feel that you are no longer in control of a situation.  There are many reasons why you are behaving like this it could be do with insufficient resources, your emotional state to handling stress, previous experiences you have experienced or your personality type.

I can personally relate to how an individual feels when they have faced a pressurised situation that can lead to anxiety or even negative emotions.  The question is how can I help you tackle this for the next time it happens to you.  Firstly, we must recognise the signs; we must travel down the rabbit hole and see where it leads us.  It will be an exploration of the self and deeper look into the inner workings of the mind.  It is thus, important to understand that our neuro-linguistic programming can be altered with the right mindset.

I realised today that I have stopped living life.  I am literally just trying to get to the next day, just living in the thought of tomorrow.  I am not living, I am waiting.  And the trouble is, I don’t know what I am exactly waiting for.   I am kind of scared for what it might be.”  Anon

Let us first discuss what the signs are:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Feeling out of control
  • Muscle tension
  • Fast breathing
  • A fast heart beat
  • Hyper ventilating

All the above can be felt any given time, possibly some or all of them.

To create emotional healing and overcome the negative emotions you feel you must first of all validate by understanding the pain that you have stored.  Our brains act in a certain way because there is negative trauma that is being protected within a ‘vessel’ to allow us to move forward within our day to day lives.   If want to feel in control then let’s look at different characteristics felt and how can we change our neuro-linguistic programming to allow us this to happen:

  • Procrastinate – we just too busy then we end up spending too much time thinking and not acting.
  • What is the internal voice is saying? What is in control or out of control?  Are we listening hard enough and allowing no inertia to be felt?
  • Decision making – What are the fixed variables involved that is causing the stress
  • Fixed hours – There are only so many hours in the day. What can you do to free up some of that time?  Can you delegate? Create a list and prioritise your tasks.  Are you saying yes too much perhaps it is time to say no!
  • What are the variables – Time is one of them.   Situation.
  • Personal variables – location, values, beliefs and skills.
  • What is the internal dialogue? What were the attributes or the contributing factors that create the emotions you feel?  Is the right voice speaking to you?  Are you listening to your soul and following the right desires?

How can we tackle the negativity within ourselves?

There is a little negative voice that seems to always appear when you not feeling 100%.  Or you are feeling a little overworked or a situation does not go to plan.  There might be a previous negative experience that has felt that you cannot let go which is why you cannot shake the negativity building within.   Thus, it is important to understand and take control of those moments when you can feel the voice appears.  You can then squash it immidietely.

If you were to Change Your Beliefs, the dark times can feel so much lighter.  Personal struggles Only make us Stronger.  Are you allowing Your Personal Struggles to Win?  If you can feel in Control, then you can easily say to No to Negativity.

In conclusion, if you are able to recognise the tell-tale signs early on you will be able easily tackle how to move forward a little stress free in a stressful situation.   The feelings we feel can be due to past experiences that has led to how we feel.  It might be due to inexperience or our personal characteristics of an individual and getting to understand them further will allow you to take control.  We all have these tendencies to want to ‘fight or flight’ but if we can utilise the ‘fight’ syndrome further; then each and every time the experience will become a bit easier.  Generally, we feel at a high level of stress when we are facing the unknown and our fears come out as we fearing the unknown.  Our brain is dynamic and can take so much more than we can imagine.  Our brain is always protecting us and will shut down if the trauma or stressful situation to become too much. I believe together we can look at methods to turn situations into your favour.

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