Be empathetic

Be courageous

Take it all in and take a step back

Plan and take action

Mary Panwaskar


It is official, half of the year is well truly and over.  We are propelling towards the latter part of the year, the summer months always seem to fly past.  Now is the time to ask yourself if you have succeeded in the goals set.  There latter part of the year is still available to for you to achieve the tasks you desire to achieve.


We can easily become distracted and even lose focus in what we are seeking.  There are many reasons why this can happen.  Commonly, we lose prospective due lack of time, or not making enough time, or just life can get in the way or for many I am sure it is not for lack of trying but procrastination.  It is important to make your goals tangible ensure you creating a simple plan that is written. By goal setting on paper you are able to understand, conceptualise and begin working on the tasks at hand.  When you have completed a task you will feel satisfaction, which will then provide you with impetus to want to move onto the next one.  If you did not succeed in the accomplishing the requirements, then you can also analyse the reason behind this.


“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands—your own.” —Mark Victor Hansen


Am I hallucinating or someone forgot to inform me that achieving your goals is DAMN hard work!?  No one told us this, this is why it is so important to look at creating a clear plan that holds realistic timescales.  It is crucial to understand that no runner can achieve the goal in accomplishing their marathon runs overnight.  Preparation, planning and practice is required to achieve the objective.


Here are some questions to ask Yourself: 

·       Can you become Your DREAM?

·       Are you visualising it enough?

·       How badly do you want to progress?

·       Are you proactively seeking solutions?

·       Are the milestones affecting your morale and you do not know which way to turn?

·       Is there someone getting in your way? 

·       Are the right people on your side?

·       Have you been innovative with your ideas?

·       Can you collaborate with others to reach your desired goals?

·       Is it time to accept that a longer time frame is required? 

·       Is it time to accept that the goal is not feasible?


We need to emotionally take a step back to be able to move forward.  It can be emotionally difficult for many of us to take in the emotions we are feeling; as it is much easier to ignore the latent manifestations of our mind.  


Goal Setting Image 2


Challenges are not easy.  If they were easy, they would not already be attainable.  They would not be fun and they would stretch us, which will test our resilience, attitude, reverence and much more.  When I am goal setting for myself, I look at the tasks at hand and I think to myself WOW that is quite a list, now it is time to simplify it.  Make it work now and break the tasks at hand into bite size chunks.  Unfortunately, I am finding that procrastination can be one of my biggest pitfall.   My days are becoming busier and busier and how can I cut back where I don’t need people, tasks and other elements that is just really background noise.  Sometimes, to make yourself happy you have to unsettles others.  Goal setting means that will be days you will need to be greedy!  You will not want to take your foot off the pedal as you are in the ‘zone’!   You will be meeting interesting people, you feel energised and you will be on a natural high. 


It is important to understand that if you are that someone who is willing to give up everything and only concentrate on your plan; then it is important to you are implementing the right steps to achieve this.  Unfortunately, there are many other constraints for many of us and it is best to understand that You must be realistic with yourself and the others around you.   Life is also about living and spiritually you want to feel that you have carried out your best but you have also managed to enjoy the moments that life has to offer!  You have been able to dance to the song you love.  You have sang out a loud and looked around and realised you are in a public setting and other are others around.  You have woken up extra early because you can’t wait for the day to begin.  You are looking forward to the pleasures that life has to on offer.


Grasp the moments and make them count!  Look at who is in your social group and cut loose people who are dragging you down.  Always make sure you are re-assessing but also ensure that you are being truthful, honest and using your heart and soul.  To move forward you want people to gravitate to you for all of the right reasons and not the wrong.  Let them feel your dream and allow them in. 


Be a dreamer and remember to use your heart and soul.


I wish you the best of luck in the goals you have set.  I am sure together we can all start achieving much more what we desire!

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