What is it that makes us tick?

What is propelling us forward?

Are we taking the time to look within?

Are we emotionally receptive and how they we accept feedback?

To move forward one must carry out some deep diving.  Did you know that we spend several hours to weeks planning a holiday?  What if we spent that same amount of time in trying to build ourselves?  Imagine what successes we could achieve.  Success is driven from an innate inner characteristic.  Some can even call it the narcissistic side of us that even when success has achieved we are still not happy with the end result.  So, to be able to achieve our goals we must look deeper in our inner ambitions to be able to tackle each goal single handily.

In previous entries, I have spoken about the foundation we are brought up is integral to making a whole individual.  When a person has suffered from a broken home, physical or mental constraints this will also create an individual that will hold a broken self.  The mind is very strong but at the same time if an individual has experienced many traumatic events then the self becomes already very broken.   If this is the case for yourself, then first you must work on what negative aspects of life that may still be affecting you to this day.  This could be feelings of low self worth, disillusionment, low self esteem, anger and many other emotions.   It is time to try to let go of these emotions and work on a method to start loving yourself.

If we are not able to understand the inner working of ourselves, then dark times are ahead.  Can you feel anger, betrayal, hatred, love, passion, happiness, envy and many other emotions we are privy to feeling.  Can you recognise that to be human being we must all go through these emotions and during times different events, there will be different emotions felt.  If we do not take time to look within then how can you move forward in achieving the goals we have set.   The goals we set should be simple, attainable and realistic.  If you want a particular role, then you must look at the skills you hold and ones you are missing and how can you look to ascertain that. This is the same if you want to achieve greater public speaking, or increase your self confidence.

Three ways to bolster self-acceptance (Harvard Health):

  1. Self-regulation – reframing negative criticism and not suppressing negative emotions
  2. Self-awareness – to feel whole and accepting of yourself
  3. Self-transcendence – Not allowing things out of your control to define you. If you cannot transcend over the moment / time can endanger brain pattern in the mind.

It is important to realise and feel the emotions; as this can endanger your brains response pattern.  When you recognise the signs and respond accordingly, your brain is under less stress and less pressure to work faster and effectively.

If we are to be emotionally receptive and accept feedback we are able to build upon the foundation of our personalities.   The achievement of our goals will become easier and further understanding of ourselves will allow us to be receptive to different situations and then respond accordingly.  How to be receptive is by breathing and listening to our inner self.  To listen to yourself you require great patience and understanding of how you feel.  What are your downsides and what is that makes you happy?  No one is perfect and we will all need to recognise this and understand that we are not invincible.

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