Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;

Ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Harold Whitman


I remember when I was a little girl someone asked me what did I want to do when I grew up.  I remember informing them that I wanted to be an English teacher to make literature come alive for others.  From a young age, I have been writing poems and short stories.  English was the subject I loved the most!   The subject allowed me to enter into another world where anything was possible.  The love for the subject meant I wanted to teach and subsequently carried out an English degree.  Previously, an application was made for the teaching qualification (PGCE) but lack of teaching experience meant I never succeeded a course place.  Therefore, I propelled head first into the corporate world; where new passions were found.


It takes courage to enter a world that you are not use too.  It takes strength to learn about unfamiliar subjects and it takes dedication to ensure you drive the results you require to achieve your goals.  When I entered the professional arena I was fortunate to have found a boss that was an investor in people and wanted to challenge you in being the best in what you delivered and how you moved forward.  There are not many bosses or companies out there who are willing to be people investors.  Even if it for the end results of the company but truly it is for yourself too.  To grow and be motivated to move forward is the highest investment anyone can give you!


My passions originally lay in Literature but truly my passions have always been in motivating, challenging and promoting the desire to drive results in others around me.  The various roles I have undertaken has allowed me to encompass this to others I have worked with.  I have taken on mentoring roles in official capacities within the corporate world and I have been able to facilitate a safe environment where I have been able to challenge the individual in bringing forth their dreams, desires and goals.


How can my life coaching skills help you?

  • Empowerment – Giving you back the power to believe in yourself and the desire to succeed
  • Subjectivity – A neutral person offering you goal setting in a safe environment
  • Guidance – Creating accountability and allowing you to voice your ideas without pushback
  • Confidence – Giving you self-esteem to believe in yourself
  • Passion – Igniting the fire within yourself via self belief and self exploration
  • Results – Ambition, dedication, objectification, goal setting will drive you towards the end results


I can help you unlock and grasp the powers from within.  Now, allow yourself the opportunity to move forward.  Please contact me directly for more information on how I can help you.

Thank you for reading.  Please take the time to read some of my other pages provide feedback, like and PLEASE share my site to others.

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