I have recently discussed how you can take the journey of self-discovery and truly fulfil your potential by understanding yourself.  I believe for this to happen with self-discovery and any other objectives we hold it is best to devise a plan of action.  For some this may take the fun out of it.  Or for others it could mean that they are unsure how to project all of their thoughts onto paper.  There are also others who are not creating the correct plan of action to move towards the goals set in place.  This is why I would like to bring to your attention goal setting and the importance of this in achieving what you desire!

I want to succeed,

But I have no focus,

I have no intention,

And I lost my way,

Oh but how I dream,

But nothing tangible was created from this

But how I dreamt.

Mary Panwaskar


Goal setting will allow you to quantify your dreams and aspirations that you wish to attain.  The method will provide quantifiable organisation of time and resources with a clear outcome of the conclusion.  Goal setting will allow you to map out where you have been, the journey you will take and then realistic timeframes required.  Goal setting takes what is in your head and allows you to make it real and tangible.  When achieving the goal you will most likely receive a sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem, possible financial remuneration and so much more.

I will share with you one of my biggest goals at the moment.  My biggest goal is to develop my blog site. I will do this by building content, creating increased traffic to the site and market it better to the public.  Statistics and feedback has shown that people read my blog this means I am held accountable on my part to continue to moving this site forward.  When I do accomplish the above tasks, there will be an internal growth within me as I will develop knowledge in a field I was not too familiar with going on a year prior.  This will also allow me to try out new ideas in a safe zone.   I will also be learning along the way allowing my mind to grow and my self-confidence to increase.  There is also a possibility if the site is fully successful then maybe it could fund me to continue forth without a requirement for a job.

Goal setting gives you a clear and structured route to your end goal/goals.  This can be personally or professionally.  If we act on accomplishing our goals this will provide a sense of accomplishment, clear our mind of the cobwebs, give structure, give purpose, provide calculated risks, and create measurable output.

Please view some tools that can assist you:

I truly wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.  I have some goal setting to carry out over the next few days both personal and professional.

Please  come back and read some of the other entries.  Better still follow me for updates or even better still spread the word of my site and allow others to feel inspired and want to make a change.

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