We have endless opportunities and it is Your Behaviour and the Pattern of Discourse You Choose with Yourself that will allow you to move forward in achieving Your Goals.  Mary Panwaskar


In the previous entry, I discussed how we should think big, dream big and then our results will be Big.  Since, then I have discussed this every night on Instalive under the name of ‘mezza789’.  I have discussed what it entails to think big and what we have to do to move forward in achieving those big dreams.  By thinking big we can then revel in the little changes we experience along the journey of self discovery and so much more.


Let’s see what the Pareto Rule has to say:

“80% is psychology this is our mindset, belief and emotions and

20% is the strategy behind it – the specific steps you undertake to reach the goal in question.”

Anthony Robbins


To achieve the dreams we need to go back one step prior to implementation stage of project managing the goals in question.  To achieve what we desire when we are dreaming big, we need to acknowledge and understand that our emotions play a crucial part in attainment of the outcome desired.  If we not able to explore and feel the emotions felt at any given time; then our belief will continue to waiver and we continue to stay in a disposition of not moving out of the ‘comfort zone’ we have allowed ourselves to stay in.  To think big,, dream big, act big and the results will be big.


Whilst we are undertaking the journey to achieve what our heart desires we must acknowledge and understand that we feel a myriad of emotions.  There are some we are able to deal with better than others.  One of the emotions that is often ignored or submerged is pain; we believe we have created a coping mechanism but really we have just pushed the emotions deeper inside our subconscious.  The mind labels them and catergorises them together like a library.  When the situation arises the emotions felt will be replayed to allow us to feel safe or insecure in those moments of distress or happiness.  All our emotions are interconnected with experiences we have had.  We live on experiences and any situation that arises will bring forth the emotion felt and then we manage that situation dependent on a positive or negative latent emotion was felt.  Imagine if you could break free of this pattern and allow yourself to feel and experience far greater than you can ever imagine.  Would that not be worth it?



“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding… The cup he (pain) brings though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.”  The Prophet, Khalil Ghabrin


There are times when we cannot fully express ourselves.  There are different cultures who self-express in quite different manners but this can mean that the true portrayal of yourself is submerged.  If we go back to the basics of humankind and look at how we have been created and understand the aspects of our self and the emotions felt; this can then assist in achieving the goals we wish to attain.  What if you could accept the pain, anger and resentment for what it was?  Forget how we mask ourselves and actually feel in the moment.  Then we can allow ourselves to recognise the triggers or the characteristics that put us in that place/predicament/situation.  This would then allow ourselves to forward by understanding our core self, our core beliefs.  We could then allow us to stop digressing and actually move forward fully by being true to ourselves.


If you were to carry that out:

  • How would that make you feel?
  • Do you think you would be emancipated from the past?
  • Do you think you are creating a stronger self?
  • Do you think that the next time a situation arose that you will be able to handle it in a more effective manner?


Believe it not, I want YOU to Succeed.  There might not be many out there who want YOU to succeed but I DO.  If I can be that person on your shoulder giving your positive thoughts and providing you some support to bring on your positive mindset – Then I am here to take on that challenge.  But can you take on that challenge?


When we tackle our emotions and come to terms with what we have been facing; imagine how emancipated you will feel.  It could be that those latent memories have been submerged so far deep into your subconscious that additional assistance might be required.  There is never anything wrong with reaching out for help.  The money you spend by seeking professional assistance will change your life.  If you can spend a little to get a lot, then wouldn’t you want to take that up?


To finalise, we all experience feelings such as pain, anger, resentment, fear, rejection and loneliness.  It is up to us to see the potential in ourselves and move forward by planning  and believing in ourselves.  We have an endless amount of opportunities and it is Your Behaviour and the Pattern of Discourse You Choose with Yourself that will allow You to move forward in achieving Your Goals.

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