To learn is to immerse yourself with the unknown,

To practice is to take yourself out of your comfort zone,

To be passionate means you are dedicated,

To fail and to pick yourself up means you care,

To want to try it all over again means you are strong and resilient,

To dream shows you believe in the magic of what this world brings,

To push yourself further means you are that much closer to achieving your dreams!

Mary Panwaskar


Mary Panwaskar truly embodies the traits of a Sagittarian, as she is lively, creative, engaging, a bright light with an infectious smile.  She is a keen learner and she is always looking at aiming her bow that bit higher towards her goal.   Her infectious smile and entire personality is just a seduction to ensure that the people she comes across come alive!


Mary understands that it takes a lot of guts to dream!  If we don’t dream what is there really left?  The world is a challenging place with internal and external constraints that some can and cannot be controlled.  Mary hopes to keep bringing you information from her personal experiences and what the experts have to say to hopefully bring you motivation in this crazy world.


Mary understands that life comes with all sorts of hurdles.  What you desire the most will come with obstacles, difficulties, setbacks and even failures!  But for us to learn, you require imagination, hard work, repetition and forward thinking mentality.  With a compassionate nature, tons of enthusiasm she ensures that whomever she takes along the journey comes out learning more and they are able to view the world with a little more postivity.


Mary enjoys keeping herself active via running, swimming and general exercise.  She loves to read and if she is not reading a thriller, she is reading psychology or delving into a cook book.  Spending time with her children are paramount to her feeling sane in this crazy world.  Her stylish outlook and high interest in fashion has meant she tends to be pretty well dressed on most occasions.  Mary is fortunate to hold many friends close to her heart and her family have always been a big support in all of her endeavours.


Mary Panwaskar hopes that you will come to her and include her in your journey to reach your hopes and aspirations.  Goals can be hard work but if there is a comforting hand on your shoulder along the way; it may make the end result that easier to attain.



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